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Why I Personally Respond to My Readers

I get this all the time: people remind me I only get 35 cents for each book I sell, and want to know why I take the time to personally respond to emails and website comments. My answer is always … Continue reading

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Michael J. Fox and Your Loved Ones

I’ve never met Michael J. Fox, and doubt I ever will. He’s not a fan so far as I know, and has almost certainly never heard of me. I’m not seeking his endorsement. This is a tiny blog with a … Continue reading

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The Day I Lost My Innocence

I was twelve years old, excited, knowing Pak-a-Sak had the new comic books on display. I’d outgrown Archie, Richie Rich, Donald Duck and Casper years earlier, and very recently and reluctantly, Superman, Incredible Hulk, Fantastic Four, and Batman. I was … Continue reading

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Break Some Rules!

All right, so you’re driving down the interstate and one guy’s going 40 mph, another’s pushing 90. You and the other legal beagles are doing 65, just like you’re supposed to. My question is this: do you pay any attention … Continue reading

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Bad Reviews

What’s that? You got a bad review?  Aww… It’s all right. No, really, I understand. Come on over, pull up a chair. Yeah, that’s right. Get comfortable. Are you comfy? Good. Here’s a tissue. Wipe those tears from your eyes. Yeah, that’s better. … Continue reading

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